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About Us

Company overview

Shanghai Caiyan Printing Machinery Materials Co., LTD is a well-known enterprise focusing on the production and sale of high quality brushes. We are committed to providing customers with reliable, durable, high-quality and comfortable brush products to meet the needs of a variety of different fields.

Company mission

Our mission is to provide users with outstanding brush solutions through innovative design and superior performance. We strive for excellence in quality and durability, and are committed to becoming the world's leading brush manufacturer and establishing a good reputation in the market.

Product range

Hard Brush Company offers a wide range of brush products covering the needs of multiple sectors. The following are our main product categories:

Brush series: Provides various types of painting brushes, including oil brush, watercolor brush, sketch brush, etc. These brushes are made of high-quality materials and are designed to help artists achieve precision.

Industrial brush series: Provide a variety of professional brushes for industrial applications, such as paint brushes, cleaning brushes, welding brushes, etc. These brushes have been carefully designed to adapt to a variety of working environments and materials.

Innovation and quality

Hard Brush focuses on innovation and quality, investing significant resources in product development and manufacturing processes. We work with the top designers and technical teams in the industry to constantly innovate in pursuit of better performance and user experience. At the same time, we strictly comply with international standards and regulations to ensure reliable product quality and ISO certification.

Social responsibility

As a responsible enterprise, Hard Brush is committed to environmental protection and social welfare undertakings. We actively use environmentally friendly materials and production processes to reduce our environmental impact. In addition, we also participate in community activities and charitable donations to give back to society and fulfill our corporate social responsibility.

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